Siggy’s first blog: Pictures from Germany and Bulkes Serbia

Here I want to post some pictures  from Germany,Serbia and Greece:

bulkes-germany-greece-and-home-july-2006-032.jpg  My first picture posted has to be the one with my Bulkes birthplace church, built in 1826.  The church bells still ring. The girl,s name is Dragana and goes to the school in Maglic.  The picture is taken in the backyard of her house.  Her father and mother own a grocery store and serve me good Turkish coffee.

bulkes-germany-greece-and-home-july-2006-038.jpg   Picture of Novka (mother) and Vladanka (daughter).  These two lovely people live in the house where my mother was born.  I loved my mother so much that I fell in love with her house and whoever lives in it.  I will want to see these people always.

Pictures from Serbia This is Inge Stephan and my cousin Katharina Binder in Deutschland 2006. Both were in Tito’s hunger camps in Jarek Yugoslavia (Serbia) 1945-1946 and were very lucky to survive.

bulkes-germany-greece-and-home-july-2006-024.jpg  In Bruchhausen/Ettlingen, Germany in 2006 with my classmates Mechthilde Gruenling (left) and Adelgunde Schosser (right).  Both were very good girls to me in my childhood.

bulkes-germany-greece-and-home-july-2006-003.jpgMy sister Liesel’s grandchildren.  Vanessa and Marcel Kunz in Bruchhausen Germany.  Their mother’s name is Margot and father’s name Guido.

bulkes-germany-greece-and-home-july-2006-068.jpg  This is my niece Elpida.  She is so beautiful.  She graduated from Montclair University with an MBA in 2003.  She was involved with the Olympic games in Greece in 2004.  Currently she lives in Athens and her summer resort home in Loutrakion on the Gulf of Corinth within the bounries of ancient Corinth.


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